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This Region is solely made-up of Volunteers

Parents just like you. If you would like to volunteer in any way, just ask anyone wearing a blue or black AYSO logo shirt (these are the Board Members) and they will direct you, even if you do not know much about soccer.

Our Coaches attend age specific training clinics each season with practice times that are age specific at our fields. 

Our areas of greatest need right now are Referees, Coaches & other positions. If you are interested in volunteering to become a Referee, AYSO has Referee Clinics that you can attend. Won't you please consider becoming an AYSO Referee? New Referees are NOT expected to referee games played by our teenagers. New referees will start reffing games of younger aged children.  See the link on this page for a step-by-step process.

TAKE NOTE THAT REFEREE POINTS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL COMPETITIVE AGE DIVISIONS!!!  Failure to achieve your Team's Ref Points WILL ELIMINATE your Team from moving into playing outside of Regional Play. You don't want to have to explain to your Player why they're not representing the Region in Area Play & beyond because you didn't want to help out our Region. To register as a Referee, click on the Referee Tab above & follow the directions listed there. 

Steps  to  becoming  an  AYSO Volunteer:  It  may  seem  daunting  but  it  really  is  not  that  bad! As  soon  as  you  get  finished  with  items  1 - 5 you'll receive an email from Sterling. Click the link & follow the instructions in the email. This is your mandatory background check. 

1) Go to & click on Log In (if you already have an Account) or Register (if you do not have an Account)

2) Click on Volunteer Opportunities in Sports Connect  (if  your  child  is  volunteering,  you  need  to  use  a  unique  email address for every volunteer - not the one a parent uses to sign up a child to play)

3)  Login  to  AYSOU  and  take  the  on-line  AYSO  Safe  Haven  Training  (all AYSO Volunteers must take this  ~  1  hr)

4)  Login  to  AYSOU  and  take  the  on-line  CDC  HEADS  UP  Concussion  Training  (all  AYSO  volunteers  must  take  this  ~1  hr)

5)  Login  to  AYSOU  and  take  SIMONS  Heart  Sudden  Cardiac  Arrest  Training  (all  AYSO  volunteers  must  take  this  ~15  min) 

Please let me know if you have any difficulties with your registration. Email me at [email protected] 

Thank you for contributing to our Region & helping to enrichen the lives of our/your children. 

Commissioner Mike 

So what's going on???

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Tips To Being A Great Soccer Parent


See below for important information on:

  • Soccer shoes
  • Shinguards    
  • Ball Sizes:
    • U5, U6, U8:      3
    • U10, U12:         4
    • U14, U16, u19:  5
  • Jewelry, Earrings and Studs
  •  Casts and Splints
  • Spectacles
  • Hats or Cap
  •  Medical Alert BraceletsMouthguards
Soccer Shoes and Shinguards
It is the opinion of the AYSO NRP that soccer shoes or shinguards made by any major soccer equipment manufacturers are acceptable.  Shoes or shinguards which are not made by major soccer equipment manufacturers are acceptable if, in the opinion of the referee, the shoes or shinguards are not dangerous to the player wearing them or another player, and the shinguards afford the player a reasonable degree of protection.

Aluminium cleats are acceptable but the referee must inspect all types of cleats on shoes to ensure that there are no burrs or sharp edges and, if they exist, burrs or sharp edges must be removed before the player is allowed to participate.

Shinguards must be completely covered by the player's stockings. A player who puts the shinguards on over the stocking and then rolls the stocking down over the shinguard should be required to change. The shinguard must be worn completely under the stocking.

Jewelry, Earring, and Studs
Jewelry, including earrings of any kind, whether or not worn in any body piercing (visible to the referee), must be removed before the player is to be allowed to participate in a match. The same is true of any stud which is used in a body piercing when the jewelry is not being worn.

It is also recommended to coaches that the same rule be applied during practices as the wearer is at risk of severe injury.

Beads worn braided into the hair are also to be regarded as jewelry. Players with braided beads are to be allowed to participate but must wear a hair net covering the beads in order to prevent them from flying into the face or eyes of an opponent.

In order to serve as good role models referees should abide by the same rules as the players in regard to jewelry, earrings and studs.

Casts and Splints: Removable or Fixed, Hard or Soft
The AYSO National Rules and Regulations paragraph V.I.G, states:
"Players shall not be allowed to practice or participate in any game with any type of cast or splint."

The AYSO NRP fully endorses this rule and further notes to referees that players must not be allowed to participate if they are observed to have removed a cast or splint.

Note: The following is extracted from a letter to coaches, parents and players in AYSO Region 126. The letter was written by the Referee Administrator, Steven R. Home., who is a medical doctor and a practicing pediatrician.
"Anything worn to protect an injured part or facilitate its healing is a red flag indicating that the injured area either requires support to maintain proper alignment and or protection for proper, complete and expeditious healing. Removable casts are designed to facilitate personal hygiene and dressing, they are not designed to be removed so that a player may engage in contact sports. Doing so could aggravate an injury and prolong healing time."

Players who require prescription glasses are to be allowed to wear them during a match.  The AYSO NRP recommends, but does not require, that retaining straps be worn. Rubber bands may also be used for this purpose.
Prescription goggles such as the type used by racquetball players are also permitted subject to the approval of the referee prior to the start of the match.
Spectacle guards made of plastic or other hard material are not permitted.

Hats or Caps
It is the opinion of the AYSO NRP that players may be allowed to wear soft hats or caps without brims if the weather is inclement. They must not constitute a danger to the player or to any other player and must be approved by the referee prior to the start of the match.

Goalkeepers may wear a brimmed hat or cap. In addition to the above requirements the brim must also be made of a soft material and must be approved by the referee prior to the start of the match.

Medical Alert Bracelets
It is the AYSO NRP decision that children are to be allowed to participate in games or practices while wearing medical alert bracelets.  The bracelet must be covered with a cloth wristband or something equivalent which does not involve taping the bracelet directly to the child's skin as this can be very painful to the child when it is removed.

We must all recognize that if the bracelet is removed and lost or hidden in any way, the child might be put in danger, particularly if the parents are not present to ensure that the medical condition is known.

We must also recognize that it is unlikely that a medical alert bracelet, when properly covered, will pose a danger to the other children who are participating.

The AYSO NRP recommends that players, with the following exceptions, do not wear mouthguards.
It is recommended that parents whose children wear braces on their teeth confer with their orthodontist to decide if the use of a mouthguard is desirable.

It is further recommended that coaches and referees treat mouthguards as optional equipment and not prevent children who are wearing them from participating in soccer practices and matches. If parents decide to have their children wear mouthguards it is recommended that they first consult their dentist. Children should not wear a "boil and bite" mouthguard as this type is considered to be a waste of money and provides false security.

Note: This AYSO NRP recommendation was coordinated with Dr. Robert H. Fredrickson. Dr. Fredrickson is a member of the American Dental Association, the Pennsylvania Dental Association, and has a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Academy of Sports Dentistry. He is a long time AYSO member and past member of the AYSO Board of Directors. He also played, refereed, and coached high school and college soccer.

2022 Version of the Parents' Meeting Notes:
ayso region non-competitive age divisions v2.pdf

ayso region 538 competitive age divisions v2.pdf

* The videos that are in the PPT Notes are posted in this tab under "Yelling From The Sideline/Touchline" & "Don't Be This Parent" * 

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