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Picture Day Documents

Please print & bring with your Player the Order Form, even if you are not going to be ordering additional pictures. 

picture day schedule - sheet4.pdf




Photo timeTeam Name# PlayersGame time
8:00 A.M.Scharfe 10U B109:00 AM
8:08 A.M.Smith 10U B109:00 AM
8:16 A.M.Fann 8U G59:00 AM
Perez 8U G5
8:24 A.M.Hall 5U59:00 AM
Smith/Enriquez 5U5
8:32 A.M.Aguirre 5U59:00 AM
Wilson 5U4
8:40 A.M.Bryant 14U B129:00 AM
8:48 A.M.Bryant 16U G189:15 AM
8:56 A.M.Mueller 19U B139:15 AM
9:04 A.M.Clark 19U G1210:00 AM
9:12 A.M.CLark 16U B20
9:20 A.M.Loun 12U G1110:00
9:28 A.M.Castro 6U610:15
Cecil 6U510:15 AM
9:36 A.M.Van Rossum 6U510:15 AM
K. Clark 6U510:15 AM
9:44 A.M.Epic Wilson1510:00 AM
9:52 A.M.Hansen 10U G711:30 AM
10:00 A.M.Gonzalez 10U G711:30 AM
10:08 A.M.Cantrell 14U G1611:15 AM
10:16 A.M.Aydelotte 8U G511:00 AM
Boaz 8U G511:00 AM
10:24 A.M.Clough 12U Boys1111:30 AM
10:32 A.M.Cannaday 12U Boys1011:30 AM
10:40 A.M.Burden 6U611:45 AM
Fann 6U511:45 AM
10:48 A.M.Pfeiffer 6U511:45 AM
10:56 A.M.Long 6U511:45 AM
11:04 A.M.Trujillo 10U B1012:00 PM
11:12 A.M.Enriquez 10U B1012:00 PM
11:20 A.M.Miller 8U B611:45 AM
11:28 A.M.Scharfe 8U B611:45 AM
11:36 A.M.Spotts 12U G121:00 PM
11:44 A.M.Cantrell 12U G111:00 PM
11:52 A.MGonzalez 14U Girls171:30 PM
12:00 P.M.Lunch Break
12:08 P.M.Lunch Break
12:16 P.M.Lunch Break
12:24 P.M.Lunch Break
12:32 P.M.Fann 10U G71:30 PM
12:40 P.M.Hecht 10U G71:30 PM
12:48 P.M.Cecil 10U B111:30 PM
12:56 P.M.Stone 10U B101:30 PM
1:04 P.M.Chacon 8U G41:15 PM
Lopez 8U G51:15 PM
1:12 P.M.K. Perez 8U B62:00 PM
Praxmarer 8U B62:00 PM
1:20 P.M.Chavez 8UB72:30 PM
Perez F. 8U B62:30 PM
1:28 P.M.
1:36 P.M.Team 4102:30 PM
1:44 P.M.Loun 12U B102:30 PM
1:52 P.M.Solis 10U B73:00 PM
2:00 P.M.
2:08 P.M.Kuhnast 14U B123:00 PM
2:16 P.M.Scharfe 14U B123:00 PM
2:24 P.M.Aguirre 8U B73:00 PM
2:32 P.MCastro 8U B73:00 PM

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