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IFAB Laws of the Game

IFAB Laws of the Game 2021


Referees are critical to soccer - the game can't be played without them. The referee's job is to be the official in charge of the game. She is the independent arbitrator and manager of the game. Her authority extends to everyone at the field, including players, substitutes, team officials, spectators, and even assistant referees.

The referee's No. 1 one concern is to keep the game as safe as possible for the players. While there is risk in all sports, the referee is responsible for minimizing such risks from field conditions, equipment, spectators, and the players.

The referee is responsible for enforcing the Laws of the Game in such a way as to keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone: the players, the coaches, the spectators and themselves. She interferes with the game as little as possible, avoiding making calls for doubtful and trifling offenses. Referees only make calls for offenses they are sure occurred.

We want our kids to continue to play, and they keep playing as long as it is fun. Referees learn that fun soccer varies from age group to age group of players.
To become an AYSO Region 538 Referee, you must first complete an AYSO volunteer application, Safe Haven Certification and CDC Concussion Training. Once you are approved as a volunteer, the training to become an AYSO referee is provided to volunteers for free.
For the Referee Course Schedule, visit
There are the four certification levels for AYSO referees:
Regional Referee (minimum age 12)
Complete the Basic Referee Course and pass the Regional Referee Exam.
Intermediate Referee (minimum age 14)
Complete 25 games as referee with at least five in U-12 games, complete the Intermediate Referee Course, pass the Intermediate Referee Exam and be (observed) mentored in a U-12 game.
Advanced Referee (minimum age 16)
Complete 50 games as referee with at least 10 in U-14 and five as an assistant referee (in U-14), complete the Advanced Referee Course, pass the Advanced Referee Exam, pass one assessment as referee and one as assistant referee in a U-14 match, pass the AYSO Physical Fitness Test.
National Referee (minimum age 18)
Complete 100 games as referee with at least 30 in U-16 and U-19 games and 25 as Assistant Referee with at least 10 in U-19, complete the National Referee Course, pass the National Referee Exam, pass two assessments as referee in U-16 or U-19 matches and one as assistant referee in a U-19 match, complete the AYSO Physical Fitness Test.

Steps To Becoming A Referee

Steps to becoming an AYSO Regional Referee Volunteer: It may seem daunting but it really is not that bad! As soon as you get finished with items 1-5, send your Regional Referee Administrator an email/text and you will get a Zoom Course (step 6) scheduled you can attend.

  • Sign up as an AYSO volunteer in Sports-Connect (if your child is volunteering, you need to use a unique email address for every Volunteer - not the one a Parent uses to sign-up a child to play)
  • Login to AYSOU and take the on-line AYSO Safe Haven Training (all AYSO volunteers must take this ~ 1 hr)
  • Login to AYSOU and take the on-line CDC HEADS UP Concussion Training (all AYSO volunteers must take this ~1 hr)
  • Login to AYSOU and take SIMONS Heart Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training (all AYSO volunteers must take this ~15 min)
  • Login to AYSOU and take the on-line Regional Referee Training (Online Courses>Refereeing Courses ~ 3 hr)
  • Attend a 2-hour on-line Zoom Session with Area 10D Referee Instructors to confirm Referee knowledge
  • Meet your local Referee Staff for a 45-minute in-person field training to learn Assistant Referee and Referee signals and mechanics.
  • Receive a Referee Uniform from your Regional Referee Administrator and start as an Assistant Referee (the one with the flag)

Any questions, feel free to email your Regional Referee Administrator at [email protected]

Referee Incident Report


No Heading Rule - U12 and Below

1) Heading the ball (deliberately) is prohibited.  It results in an Indirect Free Kick for the opposing team.

 2)This infraction is NOT to be counted towards persistent infringement, nor is it to result in DOGSO (Denying Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity).

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